Sunday, February 15, 2009

The long over due birthday post

Well, better late than never. Our little princess turned 4 on February 6th, but we had her birthday party on January 31st since Dan left for Korea on the 2nd. As you can see, the birthday party was heavy on the Di$ney Princesses. Alex had a ball and the weather was even nice enough for all the kids to go outside and play afterwards.

Four princesses and a prince enjoying hamburgers and chips before the cupcakes.

Alex opening the mountain of gifts. Our friends and family spoil her.

Alex blowing out her birthday candles. She picked out the cupcakes with the pink icing.

In other news, Alex started Pre-school the first week of February. It is going very well and she seems to like it. The school had a Valentines Day party on Thursday so I finally got to meet her friends and teacher. I, of course, forgot my camera. She actually likes it so much I'm planning on adding a 3rd day a week in March. We also managed to move Alex into her own room upstairs and she sleeps in her own bed all night about 75% of the time.


Mommy Cracked said...

Oh wow...she's only 4 days older than my E.B.! Looks like she had a fantastic birthday and I am so thrilled to hear she started preschool and it's going well! Great pictures!

Manthie said...

I cannot express how fun it is to see you playing with all this "princess" stuff!! I could never get you to even play dolls with me when we were little! It's such a blessing to see you as a mom. I am so happy for you!!

China for Abby said...

Happy Birthday Alex! You look beautiful in your princess dress!With Love from Abby O'Quin

chocolate city said...

great job mama and baba for the love you have shown alex-lenity Kenya

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